Yarra4Life is a collaborative environmental program that aims to improve the quality of land, water and natural habitat in the Yarra Valley and to help protect and enhance the survival of native species in the region.

The program's strength is its ability to bring a range of individuals, groups and organisations together to deliver programs that make tangible environmental improvements, and encourage and educate individuals and businesses about the need to invest in improving the Yarra environment.

Yarra4Life is helping to create necessary native vegetation links between existing parklands and reserves in the Yarra and Yellingbo areas. This includes the protection and enhancement of prioirity native vegetation which will also assist the preservation of two of Melbourne's iconic wildlife species - the Helmeted Honeyeater and the Leadbeater's possum. Aside from this valuable program, Yarra4Life works to improve water quality in the Yarra River, and to support landowners to undertake programs to achieve sustainable property management and encourages the community, government and business to invest in the program and Yarra region.

Visit www.yarra4life.com.au for more information or to get involved.